Health Resources for Families & Caregivers


Have you seen our health resources for families and caregivers?

TREKK (Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids), ECHO Research (Translating Evidence in Child Health to Enhance Outcomes) and ARCHE (Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence) have collaborated to create health resources for families and caregivers on common acute pediatric conditions.

Our health resources provide evidence-based health information to help parents and families care for their sick children at home. Our tools have been created with parents, caregivers, and health care providers to provide you the most reliable information in a way that’s easily understandable. Watch our videos, browse our interactive infographics, and read our eBooks to find out about common signs and symptoms, how to manage them at home, and when to seek care.

Please visit our websites ( or to see our latest tools and to find out more about what we do!

Click on the images below to explore some of the health resources: