Introducing CALIPER, a nationwide health initiative led by The Hospital for Sick Children

The CALIPER Project at The Hospital for Sick Children works in collaboration with several pediatric healthcare centres from across Canada. We have recruited 11,000 healthy children for blood samples to develop normal values for over 100 pediatric blood tests to improve diagnosis of children with medical concerns.

CALIPER (Canadian Laboratory Initiative on Paediatric Reference Intervals) has recently developed a new mobile app and online database designed for paediatricians, family physicians, medical residents and other health care professionals. The CALIPER app facilitates interpretation of medical test results for children and adolescents by providing easy and free access to comprehensive and up-to-date paediatric reference intervals (normal ranges) for over 170 tests routinely performed in children.

The CALIPER online database ( and mobile app are now available for FREE download from the Apple and Google Play store globally (search CALIPER app in either store).

CALIPER App Flyer.jpg