Looking for Emerging Child Health Leaders in Ottawa to attend #ChildHealthCan2019

2019 Children's Healthcare Canada Conference.png

Looking for Emerging Child Health Leaders in Ottawa to attend #ChildHealthCan2019

Children’s Healthcare Canada is hosting their annual conference in Ottawa, Ontario on December 8-10, 2019. With the support of Children’s Healthcare Canada and CHEO, the conference co-hosts, 5 CHEO staff members will be selected to be social media ambassadors during the conference.

The theme – “Getting Kids Back on the Radar” served to inspire the selection of keynote speakers and panelists including Dr. Zayna Khayat (Future Strategist, SE Health), Dr. Tammy Clifford (Vice President Research Programs CIHR), Dr. Christine Chambers (Incoming Scientific Director, CIHR-IHDCYH) and André Picard (Health Reporter, Globe and Mail). The event will also feature an exciting session called “What Changed My Practice” – a fast paced, “Ted-like” sessions sharing inspiring, scalable practices to improve care at the bedside. 

The full conference program is available here: https://conference.childrenshealthcarecanada.ca/


Please complete the following in 750 words or less: 

1.    Describe your professional role serving children and youth? (What’s your job?)

2.    Have you ever attended Children’s Healthcare Canada Conference in the past? 

3.    What do you hope to take away from attending this event? 

4.    How will you disseminate what you have learned to your peers in child and youth health? 

5.    Do you agree to participate as a social media ambassador if you are chosen (Will you actively tweet throughout the event using the hashtag #ChildHealthCan2019)?

Full conference registration fees will be waived for the successful applicants.

Must be a CHEO employee. All applications are to be submitted directly to kmainville@childrenshealthcarecanada.ca

Deadline: October 4, 2019